Painting of Mont Ventoux seen from above Venasque on the Mountaians of

A period of settled weather in early January enabled me to work over several days on this canvas at over two thousand feet of altitude. 'Le Rocher des Trois Luisants' which is on the Plateau de Vaucluse above the pilgrims chapel at St. Gens, is the prominent buttress on the right framing the distant snow capped Mont Ventoux . One can make out the hill of Notre Dame des Anges, above Moirmoron, on the left with the village of Blauvac just to the right. Crillon -le-Brave is just out of frame to the left but one can clearly see the plain of Bedoin leading up to the foot of the Ventoux. The sweeping curved motif at the bottom of 'Les Rochers' is the GR91 long distance footpath which heads up through the Gorge de la Nesque to the summit of the Ventoux. The style of the painting is looser than I had been used to working, with a great deal of washes mixed with broad strokes of a heavily laden brush.

Le Rocher des Trois Luisants, Venasque
73x60, oil on linen, Jan 1999

Private Collection, France

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