Painting of Still Life with Lemon, Lavender and Bottles

One of the first of this series of paintings, I used the angle created by the meeting of the wall and the horizontal surface to lead into the picture, which is picked up by the bunch of lavender, leading the eye in towards the grouping of the lemon, and bottles. This gives a strong sense of three dimensionality making it easier for the viewer to enter into the percieved space. Another strong formal element is created by the shadow fall slanting down from the top edge forming an 'S' shape following the pattern of the tiles down to the lemon and lavender,which bisects the painting, along the vertical axis, into tesselating light and dark halves, the darker containing all the objects.

Still Life with Lemon, Lavender and Bottles
61x50, oil on canvas, June 1999

Private collection, Vaucluse

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