A Road in Provence

Caromb from Crillon-le-Brave

This painting shows a view looking down from Crillon-le-Brave towards Caromb church, which is seen through the gap in the olive trees. Beyond lies Avignon and the Rhône valley . It was painted over several days in the late spring of 1998, just as the acid green leaves of the vineyard on the right began to open. The canopy of trees not only forms the window through which the distant church is seen but also provides the rich shadow that outlines the brow of the road and the bank, before they fall to meet the lower track

Crillon-le-Brave is criss crossed with innumerable little tracks and paths like this one and one is free to wander at will amongst the vineyards and orchards which is very handy if you are interested in "plein air" painting or just wandering.

A Road in Provence
May 1998, oil on canvas.

Private Collection, London.


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