The Chateau of Crillon-le-Brave with its castelated tower strides one of the two gates to the once fortified village. The church and the 'Hostellerie de Crillon-le-Brave' on the left occupy the highest point. The little road traverses across the steep north facing slope under the village and gave me a strong diagonal element with which to lead the eye up to the main focus of the motif. The buidings which along with the tree on the left and the line of the right verge provide horizontal and vertical containment for the zig-zag figure, formed by the shadow, the left verge and the top of the bank.

I set up my easel on this steep little road below Crillon-le-Brave and I painted most of the day and returned the following day to finish and I only had to move my easel once when a tractor wanted to pass. That is Crillon-le-Brave.

'Le Chateau de Crillon-le-Brave' 46 x 55, oil on canvas, May 1998.

Private collection, Crillon-le-Brave


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