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Self portrait

Painted in England, this was exhibited at the Royal Society of Portrait Painters annual exhibition at the Mall Galleries, London

Self Portrait.
12 x 16 inches, oil on canvas, Feb/March 2002

Private collection, Rockford, Illinois

Self portrait


La Costume.
130 x 97, oil on linen, Jan 2000-5

Private Collection, Santa Barbara

Self portrait


Man in a Suit.
150 x 200, oil on canvas, Dec 1999-

Work in Progress

Self portrait


Self Portrait.
24 x 33, oil on canvas, Dec 1998



Painted for the 1999 BP Portrait Award, this self portrait was accepted and exhibited at the National Portrait Gallery, London and Aberdeen Art Gallery in Scotland. The cap was a very battered Adidas cap I had brought back from Bali. Formally it's a very important element giving both a frame to the face, a colour contrast to the predominant reds and oranges of the painting, and a continuation with the background division, the head being compressed into the lower quarter of the painting. The cap also offers a simple solution to the formal problem presented by hair. The painting makes references to both Chardin and Rembrandt who painted themselves in head gear something like this.

Cap,(self portrait)
76x65, oil on linen, Feb 1999



A Study executed over a couple of hours this was a deliberate attempt to loosen up and deal with paint over and above representation. It was one of two studies painted in the same afternoon, this one being the more successful, not because it looked more like me, but because it came together as a three dimensional head, whilst being retaining the energy of the rapid, loaded brushstrokes. I find it very important to constantly adapt my approach , treating a particular painting in response to the demands of the subject, or simply as a means of breaking out of a set way of painting.

24x33, oil on linen, Dec 1998

Private collection, Japan

head study

Painted rapidly last summer after having spent alot of time painting still life and landscape, this was something of an excersise in re-assurance. I spend alot more time over the winter working on portraits, partly because the weather is less reliable, but also because all the major portrait competitions in London, take place in the spring. This usually means at a certain point in late summer I start getting panicky. I also have to say that I love the challenge of painting figures, even if it's of me.

Head Study
oil on canvas, 24x33 cms, August 1999

Castile Galerie, Charlotte,NC.

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